Infographics and Typography

Typography can be very important when creating infographics. It is one of the most importatnt parts of your infographic yet the least considered parts abouts designing your infographic. Picking fonts is really hard since there are so many and in some ways you can be limited whe nyou find the perfect font since their eitherContinue reading “Infographics and Typography”

Colour and Infographics

Colours and combinations of colours effectively convey a number of different messages. So using the right colours in your infographic is an effective way of sending stronger messagesĀ in different forms of media. A research related to colours of infographics has revealed the following colour sentiment among consumers. Purple represents wealth, royalty, dignity, status and power.Continue reading “Colour and Infographics”

The Future of Infographics

Infographics have been being used for hundereds of years for various purposes, but gace taken on a new face in the last few years, with a bit of help from the internet. Static graphics are the most common medium, likley due to the fact that they are the easiest to create and host. This alsoContinue reading “The Future of Infographics”

The Purpose of Infographics

The whole point of infographics is that it is just visualised data and that large ammounts of data are condensed and easier to understand. In simpler terms Infographics present data in ways that are easy to explore. Infographics give your audience the ability to explore data and draw their own conclusions, without automatically needing theContinue reading “The Purpose of Infographics”

William Playfair “Farther of Modern Day Infographics”

William Playfair was born on the 22nd September 1759 and died on the 11th of February 1823 at the age of 63. He was a scottish engineer and political economist. He was the fourth son and named after his grandfarther his notiable brothers were architect James playfair and mathematition John playfair. His farther died inContinue reading “William Playfair “Farther of Modern Day Infographics””

Modern Infographics

Modern infographics started in the late 1700’s when William Playfair created the first bar chart, which first appeared in his Commercial and Political Atlas, published in 1786. He argued charts communicated better than tables of data. He also is said to have invented the line, bar, area, and pie charts. These Graphics are still used todayContinue reading “Modern Infographics”

Changing techniques of making infographics

The teqniques of making infographics over the 1000’s of years they have been being created has varied massivley. infographics started over 30,00 years ago in caves where they would be created by artists who would used their fingers, as well as twigs, moss, and horsehair buses to dab paint onto the cave walls. They wouldContinue reading “Changing techniques of making infographics”

Ancient Infographics

Cave Paintings Infographics date back as far as the caveman days with cave paintings as the many amazing discoveries underground have uncovered thousands of paintings from ancient humans. They are usually found on cave walls and ceilings. The oldest known cave paintings have been found in Indonesia and it has been dated at nearly 44,000Continue reading “Ancient Infographics”

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