Work Experience Plan – Unit 11

I was stuck on what I wanted to do for my work experience and how to go about finding some work experience as I don’t like contacting people and ringing up different people. I decided to look at an article by Pearson which gave you a lot of tips on how to find work experience.Continue reading “Work Experience Plan – Unit 11”

Case Study – Unit 11

Photographer – Cara Bolton First I started looking into her website and social medias where she shows off her portfolio of wedding, pets, families. On her pages she also shows her prices for photo-shoots. She also does wedding videos as well as photographing them. Before I asked my questions I did some research on interviewsContinue reading “Case Study – Unit 11”

My Findings – Unit 11

Whilst researching through different jobs for graphic designers I found some really interesting different jobs that I didn’t think required a separate job for such as a brand identity designer who creates the different visual elements for a brand such as the colours, design and logo that identify and distinguish a brand. I also hadContinue reading “My Findings – Unit 11”

Bibliography – Unit 11

References (M.A.D.E), M. (2019). Top 20 Graphic Design Career Paths. [online] Available at: [Accessed 11 Sep. 2019]. Fremont College. (2019). Top 8 Graphic Design Jobs You Should Pursue For Your Career. [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Sep. 2019]. (2019). What can I do with a graphic design degree? | [online] Available at: reading “Bibliography – Unit 11”

My Career Intentions – Unit 11

Graphics Designer. Career Paths Entry-Level Graphic Designer Freelancer Graphic Design Manager Art Director Creative Director Web Designer Digital Media Specialist Product Designer Animator 3D Designer or Illustrator Film and Video Editor Book Designer Packaging Designer UX/UI Designer Graphic Novelist Journalist Graphics Creator Medical Illustrator Layout Artist There are a lot of different career paths forContinue reading “My Career Intentions – Unit 11”

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