Interactive (Participatory) Documentary – Unit 9

Interactive is like performative but more interaction by the ‘film maker’ with subjects involved. It has more prearranged tasks and scenarios and is less serious and more fun and entertaining. a Variety of non dietetic audio is included to help create the tone and feel to the documentary. Sometimes but rarely a voice over canContinue reading “Interactive (Participatory) Documentary – Unit 9”

Performative Documentary – Unit 9

Performative documentaries are all about the film maker telling a story through narration and interacting with people and scenarios around them. It has more of an emphasis on emotional and social impact on the audience. It is more about letting the viewer decide their own opinions about the documentary rather than the film makers. TheyContinue reading “Performative Documentary – Unit 9”

Observational Documentary – Unit 9

Observational documentary is to show what real life is actually like, the director doesn’t intervene at any point there is no voice overs either it just shows whats being filmed with mostly very little editing. Realism is the key factor in these films and nothing is staged. This form of documentary became popular around theContinue reading “Observational Documentary – Unit 9”

Expository Style Documentary – Unit 9

Inform the audience about an event, topic or issue. Facts, figures and stats explained within narration. Any voice over will be accompanied by  the visuals on screen. Often known as ‘talking head.’ Codes and Conventions- Heavy with establishing, mater and wall paper shots. Contain interviews and have direct piece to camera address. Lots of planningContinue reading “Expository Style Documentary – Unit 9”

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